Pressure washing

The best equipment in Outaouais

At GMV Services, we are equipped with a cold water pressure cleaning truck. Our tanks, which contain more than 4,000 l, and our 5.5 m lances allow us to clean buildings of 2 or 3 floors. In addition, our team of experienced and qualified professionals is able to offer you high quality cleaning services. You can entrust us with your most difficult tasks and your custom-made special projects.

Our packages



General maintenance of your home



General maintenance of your home

2-storey single-family


General maintenance of your home



General maintenance of your home

General maintenance of your home

If necessary, GMV Services cleans your interlock driveway, your house’s siding, revives the graying wood of your fence or cleans your asphalt surfaces. We clean stone, your patio, your walls.

Certified organic pressure cleaning products

We use certified organic products for all our pressure cleaning work.

Window cleaning

Between spring and fall, we wash your doors and windows. Our work pressure cleaning tools deliver impeccable results in no time. Our water is filtered, so that your windows are neither marked nor scratched. You can finally say goodbye to this long and laborious task.


Following the completion of new landscaping, your home and access paths (entrance, path, low wall, stairs, fence) may be covered with a thin film of adhering dust. We can do a thorough cleaning so that you can fully enjoy your new embellishment.

Pool cleaning

Our team cleans swimming pools, inground or above ground, whether covered with a canvas or not. It is with experience and finesse that our specialists carry out this delicate task.

Interlock cleaning

Our high pressure cleaning truck allows us to thoroughly clean your interlock. We are able to clear the grass, small plants and other debris from between the stones.


Vinyl, cedar shingle, stone, brick

If the exterior covering of your home looks dull due to pollution, new landscaping, nearby construction or dust accumulation over time, we can give it a second wind. Cleaning the exterior siding of your home is also part of the maintenance of your property. Pressure washing with hot water will revive the colours and texture of the siding of your home.

Barn wood and
special projects

Do you have a small barn, patio, shed or graying barn wood fence? Pressure washing with hot water can give it a nice look. Call on GMV Services for your special projects. We will be happy to offer you alternatives in order to carry out these custom projects.