At your service day and night

Whether you’re a factory, a warehouse, a grocery store, a hardware store, or any other large retail establishment, we understand the importance of providing a clean and safe environment for your customers and employees. Day or night, GMV is here to help. We have a team of specialists who can meet your needs and ensure peace of mind.


We have an inventory of Zambonis to ensure thorough daily floor cleaning and longevity.

Stripping, Waxing, and Polishing

Do you have tile floors? Do you want to ensure their shine? It’s important to regularly strip and wax to maintain them. Have you considered regular polishing? Our team has the expertise to support you!

Shelf Cleaning

Short-staffed for shelf cleaning? Dust accumulating? Let our team take care of it for you!

Need help with any other request? Contact us! We can surely assist you!

High Surfaces

Do you have high surfaces that need cleaning? Unsure how to handle it? Let us find a solution! We have the personnel and specialized equipment to get the job done.

Health and Safety

We understand the importance of workplace health and safety. That’s why GMV Services ensures our employees receive proper training to meet your company’s safety standards and prevent workplace accidents.

Customized Protocol

Do you have specific needs? A specific protocol to follow? We can develop a customized industrial cleaning program with you and train our team accordingly to meet your needs.