Diverse Specialties

Looking for specific expertise? We would be delighted to accompany you in your approach! Our team has multiple skills in various types of facilities!


Floor stripping and waxing

Did you know that a tiled floor needs to be waxed 2 to 3 times a year? Unsure how to proceed? We have a specialized team that can strip and wax your floors to remove stains and restore their shine. You also protect your floor to make it last longer.

Floor grout cleaning

Is your ceramic floor dirty? Has it not been cleaned regularly? Did you know that we can deep clean your floors with specialized equipment to remove dirt?


We are equipped to disinfect all types of commercial spaces. Our professionals are trained to disinfect daycares, early childhood centers, gyms and training centers, ATMs in banks, grocery stores, various commercial offices, and any other place that requires impeccable hygiene conditions.

Need help with any other request? Contact us! We can surely assist you!

Pure water window washing

Do you have high windows that are difficult to access even with a ladder? Don’t want to use a lift on your lawn? We can intervene with our pure water equipment. Pure water has the ability to dry without leaving streaks, thus avoiding the use of a squeegee. A technician equipped with a telescopic pole can work safely up to 20 meters to give you impeccable results!

Carpet cleaning

Do your carpets need a refresh? Do you have calcium and salt stains after winter? We can freshen up your carpets using a machine designed for carpet cleaning.

High-level cleaning

Are your industrial ceilings getting dusty over time? Don’t have a solution to clean them? You can entrust this task to our technicians! At GMV Services, we have specialized and adapted equipment for high-level ceiling cleaning. Our specialized vacuum cleaners allow us to reach high corners from the ground! You will never see your ceilings the same way again after our team’s visit!