Car Dealerships

Benefit from our experience

Upon entering your establishment, we know that potential buyers want to feel confident and need a clean environment to achieve that. GMV has a team of professionals ready to keep your dealership clean at all times for your valued customers.


Our team will be meticulous and able to ensure that every corner of your dealership is clean. We pay attention to the smallest details to meet your expectations.


We have over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry.

Specialized products

We know the products that are suitable for your needs. Whether it’s for your mechanic workshop, offices, or showroom, we have the right products for each section of your building.

Professional and specialized equipment

We have a wide range of professional and specialized equipment such as Zambonis, polishers, carpet cleaners, HEPA-filter vacuums, high-reach vacuums, and much more to meet all your needs.

Need help with any other request? Contact us! We can surely assist you!

Liability insurance

We have a liability insurance of $5 million in case of breakage or accidents.


Communication with our customers is important to us. That’s why we ensure we have an efficient system and respond promptly. You will normally get a response on the same day!

Quality control

We regularly ensure quality control. Don’t be surprised to see one of our inspectors during the day to ensure that our team is effectively meeting our standards and your expectations.

Guaranteed service

We understand how important it is to have a clean establishment. That’s why GMV Services is committed to never canceling a service. Our large, loyal, and reliable team allows us to easily cover for sick leaves or vacations. You can count on us!