Commercial Cleaning Services

The reference in the field

With a reputation in the field of commercial cleaning for over 10 years, GMV Services can assist you on a daily basis with the maintenance of your offices or business. Whether it’s your meeting room, bathrooms, offices, kitchen, or even your gymnasium, we understand that cleanliness is important for our clients. At GMV Services, we know that creating a clean and pleasant environment for your clients and employees is the winning solution for success. Our team has the expertise to provide you with personalized and diverse services.

Looking for specific expertise?

We are happy to assist you in your endeavor! Our team has expertise in various types of facilities, including:

We can easily clean the following elements:

The benefits of choosing us:

A team of employees rigorously trained according to industry standards.

Background checks for criminal records are conducted upon hiring.

We use a geolocated time clock system to ensure our team is on-site and working for you.

Our employees are trained in WHMIS.

We conduct quality control to ensure our employees meet your expectations.

We are members of the Joint Committee on the Maintenance of Public Buildings.

We can offer personalized services to meet your needs.

We carry liability insurance.

We provide emergency services to our clients in case of issues.

Our products

The products used by GMV Services are certified Ecologo and are not tested on animals. Providing products that respect health and the environment is one of the most important missions that we strive to uphold in each of our daily practices.