Early Childhood Centers, Schools and Daycares

Over 10 years of experience

We understand that educational establishments such as early childhood centers and daycares have a lot of foot traffic as they welcome children every day with the goal of providing them with enriching education. That’s why GMV Services is dedicated to providing quality service. With over 10 years of experience in this field, we offer the following:

Guaranteed services

We understand the importance of a clean facility for children’s health. That’s why GMV Services is committed to never canceling a service. Our large, loyal, and dependable team allows us to easily replace staff on sick leave or vacation. You can rely on us!

Supplies management

We can assist you with supplies management. We can handle your orders, delivery, and restocking. You just need to pay the invoice!

Child-friendly cleaning products

We are aware that the choice of products is crucial in a child-friendly environment. That’s why we ensure that we use safe and child-friendly cleaning products.


We are equipped to disinfect spaces of all kinds. Our professionals are trained to disinfect early childhood centers and schools that require impeccable hygiene conditions.

Need help with any other request? Contact us! We can surely assist you!

Compliance with Ministry of Education standards

We understand that you need to comply with precise guidelines from the Ministry of Education, such as data sheets and product storage. Our staff will be attentive to these details.


We understand the importance of children’s safety. That’s why we conduct background checks on all our employees upon hiring.

Customized services

Do you have specific needs? We can adapt to your requests.