Professional Disinfection

Are you ready to prepare for a return to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic?

➔ Having your surfaces disinfected by professionals limits the risk of contamination.

The Government of Canada strongly recommends cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.

GMV services is equipped to help you!

Disinfection for commercial sectors

We are equipped to disinfect commercial spaces of all kinds. Our professionals are trained in the disinfection of day care centres, childcare centres, gymnasiums and training centres, ATMs in banks, grocery stores, commercial offices of all kinds and any other place requiring conditions of impeccable hygiene.

Disinfection without human contact

At GMV Services, we are equipped with a hot and cold water pressure cleaning truck. Our tanks, which contain more than 4,000 l, and our 5.5 m lances allow us to clean and degrease surfaces without human contact. In addition, our team of experienced and qualified professionals can offer you high quality cleaning services. You can entrust us with your most arduous tasks and your special projects.

Sanitation for the food industry

We are equipped for the sanitation of industrial premises, whether you need degreasing or sanitation for a greenhouse, a food processing plant, or a laboratory.

Why choose GMV services?

Hygienic supplies management

GMV Services manages sanitary stocks on your construction sites and commercial premises. We place orders and deliver hygienic supplies. We also work with your team to determine the best health practices in your environment, according to the criteria that apply to your field, in order to optimize the use of your stocks both practically and financially.

Certified organic products

We use certified organic products for all our work. We leave you the premises clean and immediately functional, without chemical products. We care about your health, that of your employees and that of new occupants.

Evaluation of your disinfection contract

In disinfection, the needs are very diverse, an adapted service is required. We assess each disinfection contract according to your needs.

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