Coronavirus: GMV Services has a plan

GMV Services supports you during the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic

GMV services offers you a commercial decontamination maintenance for your company.

Addition of one person per team for decontamination

GMV Services adds one more professional to its teams, dedicated to the decontamination of keyboards, mice, telephones, work chairs, door handles and other flat surfaces of your offices in order to reduce the chances of contamination. The product used for this decontamination is not certified organic like our usual products, it is stronger for effective disinfection against the coronavirus.

Hygiene measures

  • GMV Services professionals will wear gloves at all times;
  • As usual, they will wash their hands between each company, and during cleanings when necessary;
  • They will not show up at work with coronavirus symptoms;
  • As usual, they use new cloths and mop heads for each company;
  • They use a disinfectant solution recommended by Health Canada, which is not, exceptionally, certified organic.

You wish to order an additional service or an exceptional service

Call us to add a service, or to order a service exceptionally to disinfect your business.

You have coronavirus symptoms

Please cancel your GMV Services maintenance services until your symptoms are completely gone.

GMV Services has your health at heart and is happy to be able to help you during this difficult time.

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Véronique Guillemette
President, owner

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