Cleaning services for medical centres

At GMV, we understand the importance of having clean facilities for a medical centre. This is why we disinfect and clean all surfaces used by patients and staff on a daily basis. We are committed to providing a safe place for patients and a place for you to protect them. Our medical centre cleaning service includes health care facilities such as medical clinics, dental centres, physiotherapy clinics, massage therapy clinics, long-term care homes and superclinics.


Our commercial cleaning service for medical centres :

  • Cleaning :
    • Bathrooms
    • Office space
    • Furniture
    • From the kitchen area
    • Floors
    • Rugs
    • Mouldings
    • From the conference room
    • Windows
    • Ventilation grids
    • Walls
    • Counters
    • Chairs
    • Glass surfaces
    • And any other surface.
  • Dusting :
    • Accessories
    • Offices
    • Furniture
    • And any other surface.
  • Garbage, recycling and compost disposal
  • Possibility of disinfection with electrostatic sprayer :
    • Door handles
    • The switches
    • Computer equipment
    • The offices
    • The chairs
    • All other surfaces used daily by employees or patients.

The advantages of GMV services :

GMV Services, working in collaboration with micro-chemists to be in shape on disinfection protocols.

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