Post-construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning services

Whether it is renovations, new construction or ensuring the cleanliness of the premises between the various stages of construction of a site, our post-construction cleaning specialists are at your service to facilitate each stage of your project.

If you are a contractor in the construction of condominiums, new homes or commercial buildings, we offer you a service that meets your expectations.

Call a professional service that cares about disinfection

GMV Services guarantees quality work. Call on our trained professional team for optimal hygiene. At GMV services, we disinfect all the equipment used between each client, and we disinfect the vehicles between each shift.

Post-construction cleaning and maintenance of site installations

GMV Services offers the cleaning of your construction sites and construction trailers, the dining areas, we fill up hand soap, toilet paper and other sanitary supplies.

Commercial constructions

No surface will escape the eye of our seasoned staff and every effort will be made to make your commercial project ready to welcome its new tenants or owners.

  • We clean according to your needs:
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Floor and floor coverings of all kinds (wood, carpet, linoleum, vinyl, stairs and others)
  • Commercial or residential kitchens (degreasing and cleaning)
  • Debris caused by construction (plaster, wood chips, dust, hardware, etc.)
  • Paint stains on the floor
  • Residues (grease, glue, adherent materials)
  • Windows, doors and windows
  • Façade
  • Maintenance of site toilets

Pressure post-construction cleaning for the exterior of your commercial buildings

At GMV Services, we are equipped with a pressure wash truck with filtered hot water and cold water. Our tanks, which contain more than 4,000 l, and our 5.5 m lances allow us to clean buildings of 2 or 3 floors. We also clean facades and windows without leaving traces, marks or scratches. In addition, our team of experienced and qualified professionals is able to offer you high quality cleaning services. You can entrust us with your most arduous tasks and your custom-made special projects.

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Construction site cleaning

We clean up your site so you can work efficiently as soon as you get started. We offer two types of cleaning for construction sites; coarse and deep cleaning.

Coarse cleaning

Coarse cleaning allows the site team to focus on value-added construction tasks. We clean your site at night so that your professionals can apply themselves to value-added tasks as soon as they arrive on site, and see clearly.

Deep cleaning

Thorough cleaning is carried out towards the end of the project, sometimes only before delivery, or before the execution of finishing tasks which require a clean environment.

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Hygienic supplies management

GMV Services manages sanitary stocks on your construction sites and commercial premises. We place orders and deliver hygienic supplies. We also work with your team to determine the best health practices in your environment, according to the criteria that apply to your field, in order to optimize the use of your stocks both practically and financially.

Certified organic products

We use certified organic products for all our work. We leave you the premises clean and immediately functional, without chemical products. We care about your health, that of your employees and that of new occupants.
Evaluation of your contract in commercial maintenance

Custom made solutions

Your construction site is unique! An adapted service is required. We assess each custom commercial cleaning contract according to your needs.

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